Happy Hours Cafe

National Level Online HHC Sessions

National Level Online Happy Hours Cafe

In the late 2021, ILC-India decided to conduct National level online Happy Hours Cafe programme for seniors.

 The programme was inaugurated on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons which is celebrated on 1st of October.
 Dr. Tejswi Kamble, an occupational therapist (Neurosciences) was the resource person for this ten session webinar series organized by ILC-I with the CSR support of Gharda Chemicals Ltd. 
This series was planned to focus on physical and mental health of the seniors, to enhance their physical capabilities with the help of walking variations, balance techniques and health tips to keep seniors healthy and active through simple exercises. 
Each session had different activities and most of the seniors attended all ten sessions. Seniors from Mumbai, Nagpur, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu participated in the sessions. 

Programme (HHC)(Webinar Series 2022):

Based on the feedback received on the earlier state level and national level HHC programmes, ILC-I planned to conduct the online series again exclusively for senior citizens, but this time with the focus on the brain health of the older adults.
 This series is all about brain games to be played in an infotainment (Information and Entertainment) way. 
Three resource persons were selected to conduct the sessions. 
This is an ongoing programme of ILC-I.
Ms. Chinmayee Naik (Psychologist and Therapist), Ms. Meenaxi Alawani (Psychologist and Counselor) and Dr. Tejswi Kamble (Occupational Therapist-Neurosciences) are conducting the sessions on various aspects on brain health and mindfulness. 
We are happy to announce that seniors are actively participating in these interactive sessions on every Friday from 4.30 to 5.30 pm.
These sessions are available on ILC-I’s YouTube channel.