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State level Online Happy Hours Café

International Longevity Centre-India always aims to implement projects which are focused on active and healthy ageing processes. Before Covid-19 pandemic, ILC-I staff members were regularly going into the field conduct programmes like Valueducation, Physiotherapy camps, Happy Hours Café and so on.

Amidst the pandemic, ILC-I has been operating since June 2020 through online mode. Hence, we decided to conduct programmes online. One of them is Happy Hours Café online. We aimed at getting connected to the participants across Maharashtra.

We have received an amazing response for this programme. This programme was designed in such a way that it had eight sessions by four resource persons conducted in an Infotainment (Information and Entertainment) way to stimulate brain health of the older adults.

Origami and decoration, learning new languages i.e. Basics of Sanskrit and German and Brain exercises were four activities seniors enjoyed online through State Level Happy Hours Café. Sessions were conducted mainly in Marathi.

Summary of the sessions conducted is mentioned below:

Basics of Origami-Decoration Part 1 by Ms.Chinmayee Naik

Sanskrit Part 1 (Introduction and Basics of Sanskrit) by Ms. Akshata Bhalerao

Sanskrit Part 2 (Revision, Colours and Numbers, Homework) by Ms. Akshata Bhalerao

Brain games (focusing on memory, concentration) by Dr. Tejswi Kamble

Brain games (focusing on cognition, attention etc.) Dr. Tejswi Kamble

German Part 1 (Introduction, Basic greetings) by Mrs. Shruti Mohole

German Part 2 (Revision, vocabulary) by Mrs. Shruti Mohole

Origami & Decoration Part 2 by Ms. Chinmayee Naik

National Level Online Happy Hours Café

After receiving a good response for Online Happy Hours Café programme from the older persons in Pune, Maharashtra, ILC-I decided to conduct such sessions at national level. Resource person Dr. Tejswi Kamble who is an occupational therapist and fitness coach is conducting this wellness programme online which consists of ten sessions of walking variations and brain games. This is an ongoing programme started on 1st October 2021, launched on the occasion of International Day of Older Persons celebrated worldwide on 1st of October every year.

The session takes place on Friday evening and it is conducted through Cisco Webex application. At the same time, live streaming of the session is shown on ILC-I’s official YouTube channel. No prior registration is required to attend the session. ILC-I aims to reach out to the older adults from varied parts of India through this programme in the near future.