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Physiotherapy Assessment Camp: Health and healthcare are two vital issues of concern for the elderly because only if one is healthy can a person, especially an elderly person function effectively!

ILC-I has always supported initiatives that facilitate a healthy life for senior citizens. ILC-I has started the new activity of conducting Physiotherapy Assessment Camps for senior citizens in collaboration with the Deccan Education Society’s Brijlal Jindal College of Physiotherapy in different senior citizens’ organizations in Pune city.

ILC-I began conducting these camps with the support of Gharda Chemicals Ltd. for senior citizens since August 2018. Until March 2019, nearly 450 senior citizens from 5 senior citizens organizations have benefitted from this initiative for their physical wellbeing.

The program entails a one-day assessment camp for seniors with a follow-up camp after a month or a month and a half, at which a team of fifteen members of the Brijlal Jindal College of Physiotherapy examines the senior citizens. This team includes its faculty, doctors, physiotherapists and students of the college.

Each senior citizen is individually given a medical examination by the doctor which includes a BP check, few exercises which evaluate the physical state of health of the senior citizens with reference to their gait, their balance, state of orthopedic health, lung capacity, and many other health parameters are checked as well.

Based on this physical examination and the evaluation of their health status, each individual is given a customized set of exercises to do regularly at home.

The seniors are expected to do these exercises for at least a month and then, ILC-I conducts a follow-up camp for these very same seniors to gauge the improvement, if at all, of the state of health of these seniors.