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The international Longevity-Centre is registered as a not-for-profit company under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956; since 2008 and currently applicable is Section 8 of the Company Act, 2013.

ILC-I as the member of the Global Alliance of the International Longevity Centres and as an NGO, enjoys Special Consultative Status with United Nations’ Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC).

Ilc-I is also the “Satellite Centre for the SAARC Region” of the United Nations’ International Institute on Ageing, Malta (UN INIA).

Dr. Masako Osako is the Executive Director of the Secretariat of the Global Alliance of the International Longevity Centres based in New York, USA.

The Presidents of the members of the Global Alliance are:

  • USA – Dr. Kavita Sivaramakrishnan
  • Japan – Mr. Yasuyuki Takai
  • France – Dr. Francoise Forette
  • UK- Baroness Sally Greengross
  • Dominican Republic- Dr. Rosy Pereyra
  • India – Dr. R. A. Mashelkar
  • South Africa – Sebastiana Kalula and Jaco Hoffman
  • Argentina – Dr. Lia Daichman
  • The Netherlands – Dr. Tineke Abma
  • Israel – Dr. Sara Carmel
  • Singapore – Dr. MaryAnn Tsao
  • Czechoslovakia – Dr. Iva Holmerova
  • Brazil- Dr. Alex Kalache
  • China- Dr. Du Peng
  • Australia-Julia Byles
  • Canada-Ms. Margaret Gillis