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The older persons are trained on the various issues of environment protection and sustainability and are motivated to spread this cause through active participation, especially in conjunction with other elders and school children/college youth.

Col. (retd.) Shashikant Dalvi was the expert who coordinated this program. The Shri Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Jyeshtha Nagrik Seva Sangha of Kolhapur collaborated with ILC-I to conduct this program along with 11 schools and colleges who participated in this program.

The orientation of the faculty and the students of the participating schools was held in Kolhapur on the 19th and 20th of July 2019.

Col. Dalvi oriented the faculty and later the students on environmental issues and on how to conduct water, air and energy audits among other topics as part of the ongoing program. In December 2019, participated schools and colleges did a power, water and air audits at their respective school or college premises and sent a report to the office of ILC-I. Col. Dalvi observed and did an analysis of the reports for further action.