Distribution Programme by ILC-India

Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference!

On Thursday 14th of December 2021, International Longevity Centre-India organized a distribution of “Sanitation and Health Utility Items” programme (“Saath Niramay Aarogyachi”) with the CSR support of Gharda Chemicals Ltd. in two old age homes in Pune.
ILC-I distributed medical equipments like digital Glucometer and digital BP monitoring machines, besides a cordless mike system, mosquito nets,
a hygiene set containing bucket-mug-bathing stool and a small sized dustbin- because when we aim for wellness among seniors, the very first step is taking care of their personal hygiene.
It was an overwhelming moment for the staff of ILC-I when seniors in both the old age homes received the gifts with happiness.
Looking forward to more smiles and a creative impact in the lives of seniors living in old age homes.
ILC-I team has identified two more deserving Old Age Homes and soon the distribution programme will be planned at their respective places.