Bedsores, its prevention, treatment and care for bedridden elderly

Bedsores, its prevention, treatment and care for bedridden elderly

On 12th of October 2023, ILC-I with the support of Gharda Chemicals Ltd organized a hybrid session for geriatric caregivers titled “Bedsores, it’s prevention, treatment and care for bedridden elderly”. The session was delivered by a renowned medical doctor and expert in the domain of care for bedridden elderly, Dr Numan Tungekar.

Dr Numan Tungekar was present at the venue and 30 caregivers including trained geriatric nurses,  doctors, geriatric caregivers from Athashri Astha attended the session offline at ILC-I’s office in CASP Bhavan, Pune.

Dr Numan with the help of PPTs made by him explained how to take care of wounds, bedsores, how to identify them early and so on. Ten participants from different parts of Mumbai and Saudi Arabia joined us through Zoom link.

The entire session is available to watch on ILC-I’s official YouTube channel. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d3m1kErKWc


We sincerely thank Dr Almitra Patel, Shri Vinayak Dalvi from Gharda Chemicals Ltd for joining us at the session through Zoom.

We are grateful to all the participants and to Dr Vijay Rhayakar and Dr Sachin Shinde of Athashri Astha for their efforts in coordinating this event.